Branching out with Acupuncture; Getting to the root of the Problem.

Are you suffering from 
      • Pain
      • Stress
      • Anxiety
      • PMS
      • IBS
      • Sleep Issues
      • Allergies

Do these symptoms make it difficult to just get through each day?


Acupuncture is Safe, Natural and Effective Relief for

Pain and Stress and Recovery of Health.


      • Low Back Pain
      • Sciatica
      • Shoulder Pain
      • Knee Pain
      • Hip Pain
      • Neck Pain & Tension
      • Acute or Chronic Pain
      • Headaches/Migraines
      • Fibromyalgia


Less Pain.  Acupuncture stimulates the release of powerful pain-killing and anti-inflammatory substances from the brain.

Did you know that Acupuncture has been Proven to be 52% MORE EFFECTIVE than the “standard of care” in Western Medicine for chronic pain, including headaches & low back pain.  (NYTimes, Sept 11, 2012)


Less Stress.  Acupuncture protects our health by significantly reducing the chronic, stress-induced hormone response.


Better Life!   

Acupuncture can give you back the health you want to enjoy life to the fullest.   


Take advantage of a Proven System to

STOP pain and get back

to living your life! 

Your Journey to a
stress & pain-free life begins now!  
 Contact me to get started TODAY!


Now Accepting Insurance

I am now accepting OptumHealth Care Solutions Insurance which includes:

Health Allies

United Health Care of the Midlands 

UHC – Navigate

UHC – Compass

UHC – Charter

NexasACO R


UHC Dual Complete (Supplemental Benefits)

UHC Medicare (Supplemental Benefits) .

Do you have one of these Insurance providers?  You might be covered for acupuncture!

Contact me

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Acupuncture for Autoimmune Disease

There are more than 80 chronic illnesses that are immune related including rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, thyroid disease, inflammatory bowel disease, lupus, and celiac disease.


Autoimmune diseases result when the immune system mistakenly attacks its own body’s tissues. Immune deficiency is more common than most people think; around 20 percent of the population suffers from some form

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Kidney Stones: Find relief with Acupuncture & Herbs

Kidney stones are known to be a painful medical event and according to a recent study published in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings the number of people suffering from kidney stones is on the rise.

The study looked at the prevalence of kidney stones in over 10,000 Minnesota residents from 1984 – 2012.  The findings revealed the over the course

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