Hospice Acupuncture

As a Licensed Acupuncturist I am always looking for ways to improve my skills and knowledge.   After meeting the wonderful ladies of Endless Journey Hospice Care,   I was compelled to find out more about hospice and the role Acupuncture could play during end of life care. http://endlessjourneyhospice.com

In my search I found The National Association of Hospice and Palliative Care Acupuncturists (NAHPCA) which offers training specifically geared towards Acupuncture for Hospice.  www.NAHPCA.com

From the NAHPCA website:

The National Association of Hospice and Palliative Care Acupuncturists (NAHPCA) establishes a specialized protocol for treating people at the end of life. Acupuncture treatments are customized to address the stages of grief and help move the patient through emotional blocks to a new level of acceptance which promotes a more peaceful death…. 

NAHPCA is an organization dedicated to broadening the circle of care for patients at the end of life to include Oriental Medicine (a system of medicine that includes acupuncture, Chinese herbs, bodywork, and numerous other healing modalities). Research has proven that combining treatments in Chinese Medicine with hospice and/or palliative care modalities leads to significant benefits in patient comfort levels. Safe and effective treatments may be used with all forms of terminal illnesses and the wide variety of emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual distress patterns associated with death and dying. In addition, acupuncture can be helpful for family or loved ones who are suffering with loss and grief.


The training curriculum from the NAHPCA included the history and philosophy of hospice as well as specific information for assessment and treatment protocols for the patient approaching the end of life.  

No one should suffer from pain or emotional issues in life or in the time leading up to death. Chinese Medicine and hospice both embrace a whole-person approach to care, treating the mind, body and spirit.   Acupuncture can and should play an important role to help the dying patient with physical, emotional and spiritual issues. Family members can also benefit from Acupuncture.  It is a safe and effective treatment for all.

Death is a difficult subject for most of us to think or talk about.  Many people celebrate and participate in the beautiful beginnings of life, the birth,  death should be no different.  

Need a Hospice Acupuncturist? I am proud to be a Certified Provider of Acupuncture for Hospice and Palliative Care.   It would be my privilege to be a part of end of life care for your loved one.  

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